Clinical Trials Supply

Clinical Trails Supply

When conducting clinical trials, it can be difficult and time-consuming to source drugs and comparators. At Firstline Pharma, we ensure that the needs for your clinical trials are met by a dedicated and experienced team of account executives. We offer a one-to-one global clinical supply service where an executive will personally source products for you, provide you with a competitive price and oversee the delivery of your clinical trial supplies and items.

With a global network of suppliers and strong working relationships with some of the biggest companies in the industry, we have the capability to procure medicines from all over the world. We source clinical trial drugs from established manufacturers and fully licensed/audited wholesalers, and can supply the following:

  • Comparators
  • Rescue medicines
  • Ancillary supplies
  • Any quantity/pack size
  • Single batch deliveries
  • The same brands from various different markets

Transparency and trust with clinical trial supplies

Firstline Pharma is proud to offer transparency and openness at every level of the supply process, and are happy to negotiate prices with our clients. As part of this process, we provide:

  • Transparency in clinical supply solutions costing
  • Itemised invoicing for all costs involved with clinical trials supplies
  • A “partnership” approach with our clients

In addition to this, we’re perfectly poised to deliver clinical trial comparators to your trial centre, regardless of where you are based in the world.

We frequently deliver across the globe, including to the Middle East, Africa, Asia and Europe, and provide fully tracked and traced deliveries across the cold chain and ambient supply chain, with temperature controls measured as part of the logistics process. Our specialist delivery team ensures that your clinical trial medicines arrive in perfect condition, allowing your trials to go smoothly every time.

Your clinical trials, your budget

Clinical trials by their very nature require a steady supply of pharmaceutical items which are not always available by common or mainstream routes. This means it can be labour-intensive and costly when it comes to sourcing uncommon drugs or comparators. This can result in pressures on time constraints and budgets. Thankfully, Firstline Pharma is experienced in efficient and cost-effective medical procurement operations. We’re perfectly poised to deliver both standard and uncommon, hard-to-find pharmaceuticals for clinical trials.

Throughout our years of operation, we’ve forged strong working relationships with dozens of authorities and international suppliers. This provides us with a worldwide fulfilment network that is fully aligned to all regulatory requirements. With access to both licensed and <a href=””>unlicensed pharmaceutical products, we can deliver all clinical trial consumables in next to no time, at a price to suit your budget.

Reliable clinical trial supply service

At Firstline Pharma, we’re aware that comparators are paramount to the success of clinical drug trials. As a robust and reliable pharmaceutical distributor with a global network of validated suppliers, it’s our mission to deliver high quality, reliable products only.

With years of drug supply chain experience and the ability to deliver a variety of products, we’re your perfect partner when it comes to sourcing clinical drug trial supplies. Our comparator drug experts ensure that all regulations are strictly and thoroughly adhered to and that each project is meticulously assessed for potential risk. We also believe that communication is key to a successful trial, and your dedicated project manager will always keep you updated at every step of the purchasing experience.

Keeping costs low, without compromising on quality

The cost of some clinical study pharmaceuticals can extend into millions of pounds. It is therefore essential to avoid overproduction, oversupply and expiration. With high costs and strict handling/logistics requirements on clinical trial medications, it’s important to ensure delivery is dealt with promptly and efficiently.

At Firstline Pharma, years of expertise have led us to streamline our clinical trial drug supply processes. We have the experience to ensure that your clinical trial medicines are where they need to be at the exact moment you need them. Our all-in-one service begins with the mapping of your clinical trial supply strategy, and ends with returns and destruction of unused medicines. Our clinical supply management team ensures full traceability of products from the manufacturing stage right through to dispensing and destruction. It is our belief that such thorough planning helps to benefit your trials, as it helps to avoid information gaps while also reducing the risk of medicines becoming out of stock or expired

Adherence to stringent handling requirements

Investigational Medicinal Products, or IMPs, need to be manufactured, stored, distributed and destroyed in accordance with regulations. While regulations can differ from country to country, at Firstline Pharma we’re committed to ensuring our products meet all local and international legislative requirements. We also utilise packaging and labelling which matches trial protocols.

Non-Investigational Products, or NIMPs – such as add-on medicines or rescue medication – also require meticulous planning regarding importation and distribution. Firstline Pharma provides a logistics coordinator to ensure plans are adhered to and deliveries are not delayed. This helps to decrease the risk of inventory expiration.

If a product without marketing authorisation is required, we are able to liaise with our network of international suppliers to quickly and efficiently source the clinical trial products required. If you’re a clinical trial operator with requirements to fulfil, we can also use our worldwide network of specialised manufacturers and compounders to deliver the “specials” required for the trial.

Each enquiry we receive is treated with complete attention to detail and absolute urgency, to ensure our clients receive prompt and professional service. We cover all aspects of clinical trial medicine and recommend that you get in touch for more information.

Fully regulated supply chain solutions

Firstline Pharma is fully regulated by the Medicines & Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA). Each of our processes has been designed with GDP (Good Distribution Practice) embedded, which means you can rest assured that you will receive the best quality products on time at a price that suits your budgetary requirements.

As a fully accredited pharmaceutical wholesaler, it’s our mission to ensure that your clinical trials are made as safe, effective and smooth-running as possible. It is our aim to improve worldwide access to premium quality, life-enhancing medicines, and our commitment to delivering a world-beating service to clinical trial teams is helping us to achieve this. We’re proud to develop long-standing partnerships with our clients, and will always offer premier customer service in line with our first-class industry practices.

Why choose Firstline Pharma as your clinical trial supply partner?

  • End-to-end management of the entire clinical trial supply chain.
  • Local and international experience and expertise.
  • The ability to manage logistics and dynamics for any type/size clinical trial.
  • Distribution to warehouses, fulfilment centres, depots and trial sites.
  • Shipment monitoring.
  • Inventory maintenance.
  • Punctual logistics which support rapid patient enrolment.
  • Established, registered and qualified global distribution network.
  • First-class fulfilment management system and stock control.

Ultimately, we’re proud to be the world’s most reliable source for a huge range of clinical trial medicines, including biosimilars, RLDs and comparators.. To find out more about our services, please do not hesitate to <a href=””>contact us today</a>. A member of our professional and experienced team will be more than happy to discuss your requirements

Firstline Pharma is a dynamic, reliable pharmaceutical wholesale distributor company that imports and exports a wide range of healthcare products.

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