Supplying an African Ministry of Health

Published on October 18th, 2018


Supplying Medicine Shortages for Government Bodies

When a key healthcare product is in short supply, you need to bridge the gap efficiently, with the best available medicines, using a supplier that you trust.
Demand can be affected by several factors, the remoteness of the location, the logistics to distribute directly to the hotspot region and market fluctuations in both cost and manufacture of the necessary medication.

These factors are constantly shifting; managing and monitoring these changes can be a huge problem for distributors, pharmacies, private hospitals and Government health departments across the globe.

To anticipate or to manage any shortfall in the provision of medication, partnering with a pharmaceutical company with local knowledge and global connections enables you to easily and swiftly obtain the medication you need to meet demand at all times.

With access to a wide range of medicines from various global locations, we have built up a network of suppliers whom we trust.

About our Shortage Supply Services

Supplying for medicine shortages is an integral part of what we do. At Firstline Pharma we distribute and manage the wholesale provision of medicines.
We manage the whole supply chain directly from the supplier to the recipient. Within our carefully vetted supply network, we ensure the integrity of the supply chain.

We abide with the UK and International law surrounding the manufacture, transportation and supply of medical products globally whilst maintaining Good Distribution Practise.

Our main markets are in the Middle East and Africa, and we are also established within the domestic markets of the UK and Europe. We supply medicine suppliers, distributors, Government Health Departments, Non-Governmental Organisations with the medicines they need, quickly and efficiently, sourcing out-of-stock medicines wherever and whenever they are needed most.

The pharmaceutical industry is a fast-paced sector and we are able to utilise our extensive and reliable networks and local knowledge to get the right healthcare products to the right place at the right time in a safe manner, following GDP at all times.

Becoming an Approved Supplier

Being listed as a key supplier is a crucial part of our business. In the last 12 months, we have been invited to present our tender to key Government organisations, including a range of Ministry of Health departments in Africa and the Middle East.

The Bid Process

As a Government tender goes live, suppliers are invited to bid. We relish the opportunity to showcase the extent of our global capabilities.

Depending on the medication in question, tenders can be critical in nature and there is often a short timeframe to work against. Our team thrives under pressure, getting to work immediately to source the supply and to put a competitive bid together – a unique skill set our team is exceptionally proud of.

Using our Trusted 3rd Party Logistics Partners

We work closely with trusted and carefully vetted 3rd party logistics companies. Working with reliable partners who work in accordance with GDP guidelines is crucial to enable us to deliver medicines to anywhere in the world.

Our distribution partners are carefully selected because of their experience in handling and distributing pharmaceuticals and therefore we are able to distribute both cold-chain and ambient products ensuring product integrity throughout the transit.

These partnerships enable Firstline Pharma to maintain our own stringent quality standards, whilst having the capability of delivering to anywhere in the world in an efficient and cost of effective manner.

In a recent case study, we tendered, sourced and supplied an urgent shortage of Methyldopa [250mg tablets] to an African Ministry of Health (MoH). From tender release to the delivery of goods, the process took less than four weeks.

The MoH was supplied with a UK-based medicine, which was delivered promptly and efficiently, following GDP guidelines, to fulfil an urgent shortage.

Firstline Pharma – local knowledge, global reach

We began as a community-based pharmacy back in 1981. Since then, we’ve evolved and expanded into a global wholesale operation.
Our local knowledge and global reach have won the trust of clients around the world and seen us expand rapidly.

Despite this, we retain the local, community-focused approach meaning that every customer is treated as an individual.

Through our key services, we aim to:

  • Improve global access to high quality, life-saving and life-enhancing medicine.
  • Develop enduring partnerships with suppliers and customers.
  • Consistently offer exemplary customer service – in line with industry best practice.
  • International Procurement and Supply of Pharmaceuticals (branded, generic or OTC)
  • Sourcing out of stock medicines to meet market shortages
  • Comparator Sourcing and Clinical Trials Supply
  • International Distribution for Pharmaceutical Manufacturers